"Mark Twain Live!" Endorsed By The Mark Twain Museum Of Buffalo
547 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202 (716) 881-1454

"When I first saw Mike Randall perform as Mark Twain at Niagara University some years ago, I was electrified--I could hardly wait to see him do his show again.  I felt as though some magical window in time had opened briefly, and America's favorite author was back living among us....

Since that time, The Mark Twain Museum of Buffalo has booked Mike Randall for several fund raising parties--and we'll be asking him back again.  We feel that the more people see Mike Randall's splendid interpretation, the better the museum will be able to cement the connection between Western New York and this immortal author.

Mike has 30 years under his belt as a Mark Twain interpreter.  If you've never seen him "do" Mark Twain, you are in for a rare treat.  The timing, voice inflections, the ever-present cigar -- it's all there.  And it's as fresh and funny today as it was in Twain's day."

Irene J. Liguori
Founder & President
The Mark Twain Museum Of Buffalo